Adventures in the old Silvermine
You are looking for a special kind of experience, which unites romantic atmosphere, (rusticality), education and naturalness ? Than you are right here ! We are the nonprofit society Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln e.V.and are looking for the mine Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln since 1978. In more than 150 000 unpaid working hours the members of our society reconstructed parts of the mine, to safe it for more expiration, in their freetime. With your admission fee you help us, that we can extend the mine for visitors and preserve the technical objects for the future. Why is that our goal ? First in the 13th century the mining was starting here. Some short workingperiods followed. From 1831 till 1885 the mining was in full bloom and could feed 300 Knappen. Here some interesting, technical solutions for the waterremoval had their first practical using. Of course the still standing aufschlagwassertechnische plant with its Röschensystem is unique. Also there are more interesting objects of the older workingperiods with geschlägelten Stolln und Abbauen in the area of the mine. We want to go with you on a special trip through the mine on the traditional way. You go, with helmet, safing clothe and an original miners light, down into the mine to the former mechintechnical center of the mine. You must be able to climb over Fahrten (ladders), because you want to do it same as the old miners, dont you? You see impressive rooms and their installed stabilisators in good conditions, find real romantic on a boattrip into the mountain.For people, who have more special interrest in our mine and our work we have extensive literature and also different minerals and souvenirs. For your stay in the miningarea after the guided tour we can recommend you restaurants, walking trails or other, nearly excoursion destinations. Above all walking trips throug the romantical Mittleres Zschopautal(Middle Zschopau-Valley) are very recommendable, there you can see more objects of the mining history. Our society is organizing special events like walking trips at daylight, guided tours at night or a christmas concert under the earth, as well. Please ask for the dates very early, because we have only a limited number of tickets for this events. 1843 the first turbin, working under the earth, in the mining area of Freiberg was used to move the pumps at Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln: The Kreiselradgezeug The first turbin for moving pumps in a shaft, working under the earth, was constructed by Braunsdorf & Brendel in 1839 like the father of the turbin, Benoit Fourneyron (1802-1867), did it . Look at the drawing of the Germany-Site “Historische Technik”. With the help of the entrace money, money and object donations and the regional administration we were able to rebuild this historical machine in the original size and at the old place. A visit to this place is part of the guided tour. We need your help in different ways to reconstruct the whole mine.
Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln e.V. - Schönborn