Our standardroute (Visitors from 6-75 years): A tour of the newly-built Rollschachtkaue (Rollingshaftbuilding) with Scheidebank and rollingshaft.The drive-in you will do by boat and you will come out at the Eisenbahnstolln;you have to be able to climb 5 ladders; under the earth you can sit down in the socalled Steigerstube.You visit the turbin rooms with the Schützerstolln,and also you will see remains of the old pumping systems,the iron pump from 1871, pumps, made by wood, from the Kreiselradgezeug from 1843.And at last you will see the reconstructed Kunstwinkel with pumping pole systems. From our mainbuilding over the mainshaft you have to walk down the mountain to the river Zschopau ca.300 meters.Getting the equipment, the visit itsself and giving back the equipment together will take 1,5 till 2 hours.For tours with entrace and exit only by boat you have to ask before, than we can organize this for you. Admission fees for the standard route: Children till 14 years: 6,00 € Adults: 9,50 €
You need old clothes, dont come with white clothes. Use our protection-clothes. The temperature is around 8-11°C, the whole year. More advices you can get from the notices in the main building
Adventures in the old Silvermine
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Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln e.V. - Schönborn
Visit dates 2021